Exploring the Demand for Work-From-Home Spaces in 3 BHK Homes in Mumbai

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Exploring the Demand for Work-From-Home Spaces in 3 BHK Homes in Mumbai

What You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered a massive shift to remote work. As work-from-home becomes the new normal, housing preferences are evolving too. Homebuyers in Mumbai are now looking for bigger 3 BHK homes that can accommodate a dedicated workspace.

With businesses embracing flexible and hybrid work models, the demand for homes optimized for work-life integration will continue to rise.

Here’s an overview of how Mumbai’s residential market is evolving to cater to this need:

1. Seeking Extra Room for Home Offices

Nuclear families and joint families who earlier managed in 2 BHK flats are now upsizing to 3 BHKs. The additional room allows creating an ergonomic workspace within the home. Some key considerations homebuyers have include:

  • Ensuring the designated office room has good natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Provision for ethernet cabling, electrical points to set up the workstation conveniently.
  • Choosing locations with low ambient noise to prevent disruptions during online meetings and calls.
  • Opting for 3 BHK layouts that separate the workspace from living areas for better focus.

2. Greater Emphasis on Amenities & Connectivity

When evaluating projects, amenities that facilitate work-life balance get higher priority now. Facilities like inhouse gym, swimming pool, recreation rooms are highly valued. Connectivity is equally important as shorter commutes translate to greater productivity when working from home. Proximity to metro stations or expressways is a plus.

3. Rise of Co-working Spaces in Residential Projects

Developers are now incorporating shared co-working spaces in 3 BHK residential projects. These provide access to fully managed office infrastructure for residents. It enables connecting with the local community. Some even offer meeting rooms to host clients/colleagues. This addresses the loneliness issue of remote work.

Mumbai’s real estate market is aggressively realigning itself to the work-from-home revolution. The demand for bigger 3 BHK homes with space and features to work efficiently will continue to grow. This is the future of post-pandemic living.

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